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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  April 15, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> you are watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. good morning. thank you for starting your day with us. howard bernstein is here to get the day off to a good start. his forecast. >> it will be really nice the next couple of days. a look at the satellite imagery with the radar combined. it is much warmer out west. the milder air is moving in. tonight will be a lot milder than this morning where we have 30s out there as cold as 36 in martinsburg. spoke with steve in cross junction he is 43. 45 washington and temperatures under sunny skies are going to the middle 70s. let's find out about the thursday commute. we have a traffic alert to kick off the 6:00 hour. look at this. this is the inner loop. an accident past the river road exit. right now it is taking away two right lanes. we have response crews on the scene and we are tracking delays. they are stretching back to the american legion bridge.
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as long as they are out there you can only imagine it will grow. the outer loop is checking out fine. moving over to 270, a slow ride is setting in between germantown road area to 370. virginia, virginia. we are keeping an eye on your roads, as well. 66 eastbound tracking the taillights. normal slow go 50 to 123. 395 northbound. total drive time about 15 minutes or so to get from duke to seminary. no incidents along the way and before that on 95 from 123 to lorton we are below speed. that's the traffic. now, back to you. new this morning, a fire sends two georgetown university workers to the hospital. the fire happened around 2:30 this morning on them second floor of the new north building. the two men injured suffered first-degree burns to their arms and legs. no word on what started the blaze. georgetown student newspaper the hoya reports there is some water damage. you have just under 18
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hours to get your taxes in to uncle sam. for everyone where last-minute questions, we have help for you this morning with a special tax tip thursday report we go live to jessica doyle. she's at the friendship heights post office in northwest washington. good morning. >> good morning. we are in the home stretch. 8:00 this morning we will see a bunch of people racing in to this post office to send in their taxes to uncle sam to make that deadline. now, did you remember to sign your tax returns? a lot of people forget to do that every single year. there are a lot of common mistakes and joining us to help us with the checklist to go through before we send off the taxes we have rick with us from h&r block. thanks for joining us this morning. signatures. that's something some people forget. >> it is definitely something some people forget. a good rule of thumb starting from the top is to make sure your names and social security numbers match and match what
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the irs thinks your name is. make sure your depend dents are yours and their names and social security numbers match. those are common things that would cause a return to be kicked back and not accepted. make sure your documents, w-2s are attached before you mail it in it and take all the deductions you are entitled to, especially the making work pay credit, education credit, child tax credits, first time home buyer credit very important this year. and then make sure you sign the return. if it is a joint return, both spouses have to sign. if you paid a professional tax preparer to prepare your return, they have to sign the return and then send it to the right place. there are different places to send it if you are getting a refund or have a balance due. make sure those are the right addresses. otherwise your return will sit in somebody's inbox for a while until they move it to the right place. >> reporter: rick, you are going to join us again at 63:30 this morning with a couple more
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pieces of advice for us on this tax day. we will be here this morning, andrea, answering questions. if people have questions e-mail us at financial >> thank you. we did some research for you on finding post offices open late tonight. there are just a few in our region. the national capital station will be open until midnight. drop your taxes off by 11:59 at two mast -- 2 massachusetts avenue in northeast. you have until 8 p.m. at two locations, the friendship station on wisconsin avenue at upton street northwest and the hampton park post office in capital heights, maryland open until 8:00. the one in maryland is 9201 edgeworth drive. tax day comes as more americans are losing their homes. in the first three months of the year, foreclosures jumped 35% over a year ago. it's the biggest jump in five
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years. top economists admit while certain parts of our economy are turning around, the nationwide housing market isn't. our area hasn't been hit 250 hard but the picture is bleak elsewhere. the white house is pushing banks to forgive some homeowners their payments. bank ceos say that is not fair to people who pay on time. >> they have been able to address the needs of borrowers on a case-by-case basis tayloring to unique needs. >> now to a murder mystery in charles county, maryland. investigators found a man fatally wounded after someone called 911 reporting shots fired. county sheriffs deputies found the man just before 5:00 last night along a secluded road in charlotte hall. medics rushed the victim to the hospital. his killer is still on the loose this morning. a second prince georges
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county police officer is now facing suspension all over a beating that was caught on tape. the video taken march 4th in college park is making news nationwide. the question remains, what started this? alex trevino is live in college park looking for answers. good morning, alex. >> good morning. portion county police identified all of the officers the night a student from the university of maryland was beaten. the department is investigating additional incidents of alleged police abuse on that same night. for years, university of maryland students celebrated on route 1 after a big basketball win. this year the celebration got out of hand. police in riot gear are seen on this video beating student jack mckenna charging him with assault. prosecutors dropped the charges and suspended two officers after the video surfaced. >> we believe we have identified all of the officers seen in the tape using force.
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>> reporter: more students have come forward. this video captures police shoving one student and another, justin hall in the checkered shirt, being grabbed from behind an struck. >> there's this cop that came up five feet away from me like so you like doing interviews, huh, like a real gooney voice and i didn't say anything and he said i will give you a [ bleep ] interview. >> reporter: er that reviewing that as well. >> that could lead to more disciplinary action against other officers. the university threatened action against students that took part in what the police chief is calling a riot. some students like justin hall have not filed perform formal complaints and pursued a lawsuit against the police. live in college park, arex -- alex trevino, 9 news now. the prayer service for the victims of the earthquake in china is scheduled for later this evening. 600 people were killed when the
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earthquake struck the mountainous tibetan region yesterday. some members of thety bethen community have been trying to reach family back home. 9 news now spoke to one woman who managed to contact her family. >> step out and then the house collapsed and everything before them is gone. >> reporter: tonight's prayer service begins at 6:30 in oakton, virginia. it is 8 after the hour. in four minutes bob ehrlich talks about why he is running for governor again. >> i see things now going south and it's a challenge and i want to meet that challenge. republican talked with our bruce leshan. learn why democrats helped to encourage him to run. right now our focus on weather and traffic. here's howard. >> let's talk what about is happening today in maryland. we are looking at a nice day. a lot of sunshine. a chilly start. 30s in spots morning. as we head to the 9:00 hour. probably get up to low 50s in
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many areas. couple spots may be straggling. 60s east and pushing 70 in cumberland and hagerstown. cooler on the bay. annapolis you will struggle to stay in the upper 60s. western maryland upper 70s to 70 to 75 here in dc. angie, take it away. >> the last half hour, crews have been trying to work this scene on the inner loop taking away lanes as needed. it looks like we are looking at the backup due to the accident. earlier they were temporarily blocking all lanes but looks like the flow is picking up. hopefully the congestion will break apart shortly. moving to a live look at river road. you can see it is a totally different story here. nice, quiet drive. pretty lonely drive i must say and we are tracking normal volume as we look at connecticut and bradley boulevard. we are moving at speed. in 90 seconds, 9 news now is back with more traffic, weather
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and news.
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all of the rest rest stops across virginia which were closed has reopened again. vdot had a goal of getting every rest stop back open by the 15th. it beat the deadline by a day. the reopened rest stops include the pair along 95 in ladysmith, virginia. a bill to give the district a voting member in the house could be brought up next week. a maryland democrat says there could even be a vote. the bill was tabled last year
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when a gun amendment was added. the amendment could stay. utah would get an additional congressman along with the district. now on to maryland, former governor bob ehrlich is gearing up for a republican rematch. he will take on o'malley in november. bruce leshan had a chance to talk one-on-one with the republican challenger. >> why do you want to do this again? >> people ask me that. it is an important job. >> reporter: bob ehrlich lost the last race for governor by six points but he is convinced the contest is much tighter now. >> some people suggested that maybe your heart isn't in it. and that you are doing it just because the party couldn't come up with somebody else. >> anyone who says that doesn't know me. >> reporter: ehrlich says the president of the maryland senate sent him a note six months ago saying he didn't have a chance and urging him not to run. >> he said you can't win,
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howard county is gone. don't run, which told me howard county is not gone and they are worried about us winning. >> reporter: o'malley told him to dream on if he hopes to run as an outsider. >> the former governor was himself an incumbent, one that raised college tuitions more than any other governor in modern times. one that raised $3 billion in fees and other taxes. >> major fee increase is the chesapeake restoration act. it is the most important environmental initiative in a generation. >> reporter: he has been working in a law firm and omall staffers said he had been representing china. >> i'm sorry. china. that you have done work in a law firm for china. >> our law enforcement has clients that do business in china but other than that, i can't imagine -- and that's a good thing. >> nasty already. should be a good race. in annapolis, 9 news now.
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on this thursday morning here's what is in the news now. the senate is expected to restore jobless benefits today. those benefits average $335 a month. today's vote is expected to go mostly along party lines with democrats in favor. this volcano in ice land is erupting again and it closed british air space this morning. united cancelled the 9:30 a.m. flight from london to heathrow and more cancellations could come soon. you can call this guy a bear hug hero. police say a man tried to rob a bank in california. a customer came up behind the robber and put him in the bear hug and kept him in the hug until police arrived. our hero of the day. good morning to you. our hero on the weather front is howard after you hear his forecast, which he had nothing to do with but he is
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deciphering. >> if you are going to have bad days give it today and tomorrow. tomorrow will be a little nicer before the bottom falls out as we head to the weekend a great day on tap. chilly this morning. nice this afternoon. 85 for a high. 80ish tomorrow. but you notice the shower in there. that's mainly later in the day. more likely tomorrow night with the cold front that will drop things to the 60s on saturday with a spotty shower and sunday even cooler. sunday don't get out of the 50s around here but more sunshine. the bus stop forecast, sunny, clear, chilly. 38 to 50. a chilly start. 17 minutes until sunrise. mostly sunny, delightful this afternoon with highs in the mid- 70s and southwesterly wind five to ten miles an hour. then tonight, a lot milder than this morning. lows in the 50s. there's a warm air mass off to
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the west. by a few hundred miles. that will be here tonight. southwesterly winds five to ten. forecasting high of 80 tomorrow. this morning 45 here. 35 at york. 387 salisbury. 36 culpeper. oakland, maryland, garrett county is 50. they are tapping to that warmer, mild area air. upper 30s for andrews and 39. 42 arlington. 40 rockville. fairfax, good morning to you. you start at 44. and reagan national ahead of you a degree to 45. little wind chill out there. the high pressure in the east and the front right here. right in the middle of the country. look at the showers and the moisture feeding in to it. and the front will be marching off to the east and bringing us fortunately the cooler weather just in time for the weekend. so as we show you our satellite
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in motion here. put this future cast in motion. high pressure with us now. that meanders to the east but the cold front we will watch as we head to the evening. here's the warm air. tonight will be milder in the 50s. friday morning we are looking at that front making progress south and east. notice the showers by 2:00. northern west virginia, western pennsylvania. might see a couple could you bubble up here in the afternoon. better chance overnight on friday night with the front and cooler by the time we get to saturday morning. the seven-day forecast, we have showers on friday night. maybe a couple of them tomorrow afternoon and much cooler over the weekend with the high in the 50s. we will take a live look from sky 9 at the situation on the capital beltway. on the inner loop between the american legion bridge and river road. that's where we have a crash activity. it appears it's been pushed to the shoulder. while that is clearing, the
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delays are not. it looks like we are still going slow or backed up around the georgetown pike area. things start to loosen up past the river road exit. hopefully that will clear shortly. meanwhile, the outer loop is checking out fine. take it to the outer loop in maryland and show you before that things are slowing down a bit. this is typical volume you see at this time between university and georgia avenue. no incidents in any of this. as we move to the realtime graphics. route 4, branch avenue, 301, this is an accident-free zone. in to dc, south capital street and the suitland parkway street. watching these cams all morning. appears to be a nice and quiet commute. drivers are making their way in though this district. and 395, we are tacking on ten minutes or so to make your way from duke to seminary. so far so good crossing the 14th street bridge. andrea? >> thank you. our time is 6:18. maryland senator ben cardin is one of six lawmakers on captiol hill trying to stop
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spirit airlines from charging for carry on bags. they say the airlines are trying to get around paying taxes from shifting costs to passengers. spirit wants to charge $45 at the gate for any carry ons that doesn't fit under the passenger's seat. travel evers we spoke to at the airport couldn't believe it. >> it is criminal. why would anyone want to fly with this airline. >> it is another hidden charge to the passenger. i think it is silly. i try to pack in my carry on and i would be unhappy if an airline tried to charge me for that. >> reporter: they lowered fares to counterbalance the charge and says many customers will end up paying less. ahead in sports the wizards try to end their miserable season on a positive note. tonight's the night, the capitals begin their quest for the cup. brett haber has a preview in
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three minutes. [ crowd cheering ]
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people brett haber with the wakeup sports. yesterday was the best day of the season for the wizards and that's because when the next best player goes to the free season the best day of the season is the day it ends. wizards wrapping things up against the pacers. match established himself as a rising star this year. cuts the deficit to nine in the third. and then match isolated on the wing had 26-7. wizards down 2. cedric jackson, hello, three pointer and the wizards win the finale 98-97 and with that it is over. nats in philly last night. both starters got shelfed early. guzman a's loaded flair.
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nats lead 6-3. but craig had no idea what to do with the good fortune. utley had two homers in the game and tied at 7 in the fifth, shane with a two-run shot. nats fall 14-7. craig gave up seven over an inning and third. the quest for the cup begins for the capitals on the. the playoff opener against the canadiens. the caps, who have no stanley cups in their 35 year history taking on montreal who have won 24 of them. one quarter of all the stanley cups hanked out. i will have coverage at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. have a great thursday, everybody. ahead, the order from west virginia's governor in the wake of last week's deadly mine explosion. more problems from toyota. learn what it is doing after a rare warning from consumer reports. and today is shaping up to be a gorgeous day weather wise.
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find out how long it will last. stay with 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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check out this picture. we caught an amazing orange sky last night. a gorgeous end that turned out to be a pretty nice wednesday. thank you for starting thursday with us. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein son the weather terrace with another gorgeous forecast for today. >> we have to get past this morning. chilly, cold in spots. a touch of fog in the valley areas and rivers but less than yesterday and i had to put the gloves often. look at the weather computer and talk about the temperatures. it is chilly out there. readings in the 30s right now in spots. great falls is 3 as is reston. manassas 37. so is germantown. 41 up in columbia and 39 andrews. a nice, sunny day today. mid-60s by noon. a quick warmup. mid-70s for a high. angie goff it is a beautiful thursday morning. >> sure is. we will make it a wonderful day. look at the inner loop.
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between georgetown pike across the american legion bridge to river road you will see heavy volume thanks to the earlier accident that was temporarily blocking all lanes. it is pushed to the right shoulder. outer loop is fine. 95 to georgia. before that is where you are using the brakes. taking it to 6. the eastbound ride is slow between 234 to route 28 and again 50 to 123. there we go. the beltway in virginia no problems to report at this time from 95 to 66. we had earlier construction but that has cleared out of the way. 95 northbound one slow ride as we take it outside and show you a little bit of a backup from lorton area to backlick. okay approaching the springfield interchange. the videotaped beating of a university of maryland student is making news around the world. there are now two prince georges county police officers suspended. alex trevino is live in college park with the latest on the
6:31 am
investigation. alex? >> more officers who worked riot duty on that march 3rd, maryland duke game are under suspension and this investigation has expanded to additional incidents of alleged police abuse. so there are more likely coming. traditionally students at the university of maryland block off route 1 and celebrate after a big basketball win. this year the celebration got out of control as police in riot gear are seen in the video beating a student and then charging him with assault. prosecutors have since dropped the charges and the police department suspended two of their own since the video surfaced more students like justin hall have come forward. he also claims to be seen here, grabbed and struck by police. >> this cop came up five feet away from me and said you like doing interviews, huh, a real gooney voice and i didn't say anything and he said i will
6:32 am
give you a [ bleep ] interview. >> there maybe other disciplinary action against over officers. the officers are expected to be identified publicly after the investigation. the president of the university of maryland issued this statement about the investigation -- he also added the safety of the university is his highest priority. some teachers want to send michelle rhee packing. >> rhee must go! rhee must go! >> reporter: teacher thes held a rally and accused the mayor and rhee of using trumped up numbers to justify firing 250 teachers. the school system has a $34 million surplus.
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fired teachers are now demanding their jobs back. today president obama meets with labor secretary hilda solis. they will talk about mine safety following the tragedy in west virginia. 29 miners died in the explosion. west virginia's governor is ordering every mine in the state to shut down production on friday. instead joe mansion wants mine operators to do a safety review and that includes every miner in the state. >> you will commit yourself to having the safest work place so no other family member, no other miner will go through what we have just had to endure in our state. >> reporter: wednesday the u.s. house passed a resolution honoring the 29 miners who died. it calls for a federal review of mine safety. new this morning, more trouble for toyota. the automaker will conduct safety tests on all of its suvs. and it's weighing whether to recall one of its luxury lexus models. we first told you on tuesday
6:34 am
about the issue with the lexus gx 460. consumer reports gave it a rare do not buy warning. the clock is ticking. your federal taxes along with taxes in the district and maryland are due by midnight. with a special tax tip thursday, we go to jessica doyle. she's live at the friendship station post office in northwest washington. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. they are working normal hours here. doors open at 8 a.m. if you need to send off your taxes. we talked to a young man filing his expense because he couldn't get the taxes done in time. if that is your situation you have a couple of options. an extension is one of them and the other is get a tax preparer to help you out. joining us is a representative from h&r block. how are you feeling this morning. >> little tired. the coolness will wake me up again. >> i was surprised to learn
6:35 am
that people can come in with their box of receipts or what not and get their taxes prepared. >> absolutely. we have a staff in our offices, we have 70 offices inside the beltway, ready and able to help taxpayers all over the united states. >> and they get a cup of coffee with that. i want tell folks, too, that if you messed up on your taxes and realize that this morning you have options with amending your taxes. how does that work. >> if you realize there is an error now or in the future, you can get a form called a 1040 x or get a professional to help you adjust that tax return, send it off to the irs and get your return amended. it takes a lot for the irs to get to that. right now they have a lot of other things on their mind today. >> refunds are what a lot of people are thinking about. how long is it taking for people to get their check? >> the irs publicizes it takes
6:36 am
five to seven weeks. it has been taking less than that this year. they are getting pretty good at it. but it is the end of the tax season so they have a lot of paper hitting their desk in the next 24 hours. >> rick, we appreciate you coming out and talking to us this morning. good news. refunds are up 10% this year. a bunch of restaurants are giving away freebies for tax day. dairy queen is parking a blizzard mobile in front of irs headquarters in northwest. it will give out free blizzards noon to 1:00. p.f. challenges will give out 15% discounts on meals today. alcohol not included and starbucks will pour you a free cup of brewed coffee but you have to bring your own cup. still ahead two big commuter alerts you need to know about and today president obama heads to the kennedy space center. he will talk about the future of space travel. a preview is seven minutes
6:37 am
away. right now we focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here's howard. good morning. it is a clear, chilly morning. a lot of dew out there. maybe a touch of frost in the coldest areas of to the west. surface temperatures could fall down to freezing levels even though the therm is saying 35, 36. by 9:00 warming up to the low 50s in many areas. we will climb in to the 60s and may tickle 70. one or two spots this afternoon. mid to upper 70s. a beautiful thursday afternoon in virginia. all right. speaking of virginia. let's talk about the beltway. the inner loop is slow from 66 all the way toward the american legion bridge. that's because of an an earlier accident. let's take it to the dulles toll road and show you how that is impacted by that beltway accident. drivers are trying to approach the toll plaza. they are congested and backed up around the route 7 exit. finally 50 and patrick henry
6:38 am
drive toward arlington. no problems to report. a little volume but no incidents. it is 6:38. happy thursday, everybody. 9 news now will be right back. //
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we are back at 6:42. the colonel is going pink. kfc is rolling out pink buckets for its chicken and putting a big pink ribbon on the company headquarters and a pink suite on colonel sanders. it is an effort to raise a record-setting donation for susan g. komen global fight for the cure against breast cancer and the deadline for the race is tomorrow. the crew of space shuttleis finishing up its early work. they got an early start though the day ♪ [ music ] the wakeup call aimed at the japanese astronauts on board
6:43 am
came just after midnight. it will finish unloading transfer items for the international space station. today the discovery crew will watch president obama as he travels to the kennedy space center. he'll discuss the future of america's space program. samantha hayes has a preview. >> president obama has a tough sell ahead of him at the kennedy space center where he is scheduled to lay out his vision for the future of space exploration. many nasa workers fear they will be laid off because of the president's plan to end a moon mission program called constellation. >> the recent evens have put a lot of anxiety and stress on the work force. that requires my time and others to council and work with the employees and to also, you know, take time out to discuss who is the future and what are the plans and how do you make the transition. >> reporter: the man who first walked on the moon says the u.s. is now taking a step back ward in space exploration.
6:44 am
in a strongly-worded letter, astronauts from the program criticized the president's plan saying "without the skill and experience that actual spacecraft operation provides the u.s. is far too likely to be on a long downhill slide to mete mediocrity. they say the. >> the president will outline a renewed strategy tomorrow in florida that will provide more jobs for the area, greater investment in invasion. >> reporter: president obama is scheduled to tour the kennedy space center before he speaks at 2:45 eastern time. in northwest washington, samantha hayes, 9 news now. >> first lady michelle obama travels back to washington tonight. she will stop in san diego on her way back from mexico. on wednesday, the first lady
6:45 am
met with philippe calderon. she called for better educational opportunities for mexican children. here's howard with more on the forecast. >> i'm cold. i was outside and it is cold this morning. >> we are not whining, though. >> i don't do that, never. 30s and 40s out there. a couple of spots 40. but a delightful morning. i tell you i'm cold to help you. i want you to be prepared as you step out with a jacket or sweatshirt or something that will keep you warm. the next three days weather. after a chilly start a delightful afternoon. it will be great to lose the jacket or sweater by mid- morning. 75 for a high here in washington. a couple of spots may make it to the upper 70s. 80ish tomorrow. late showers. could be isolated in the afternoon but better chance of showers is with the front overnight on friday in to saturday morning. saturday cooler and
6:46 am
temperatures in the low to mid- 60s. the bus stop forecast this morning, clear and chilly. 30s to near 50. sunrise at 6:32. that happened 14 minutes ago. we are 45 in washington but we will show you the 30s in a second. sunny and delightful this afternoon. it will be nice. outdoor lunch, southwest winds five to ten and then tonight clear and milder with low temperatures 50s. yeah, it will be a good night to keep the windows open. there's the temperatures out there. 45 in town. easton, pax river naval air station all at 45. culpeper is down to 36. we might have a little touch of fog in one or two spots. locally we have 45 with the sunshine in washington. reagan national airport, whim of 42 thanks to a light wind. the barometer is 30.04 inches of mercury but that will be coming down. high pressure you can pick it up in the atmosphere.
6:47 am
around it we have the showers in the midwest a few in new york state. we will watch this front as it comes from the midwest and drops east and southeast. we will be dominated by high pressure today. around the high the southwesterly flow will push us to the 70s. that warmer air moves in. overnight quite mild as we said in the 50s but clear. tomorrow, we can't rule out a spotty shower in the afternoon, but with the front a lot more action, pennsylvania, northern west virginia, eastern ohio and that front moves south and east. looks like it will be north of us even by 10:00. we will be okay for tomorrow evening, going to the nats game on friday should be okay. but then late, here comes the front with a chance of showers overnight in to saturday morning. saturday will be much cooler with a spotty shower in the morning. the seven-day forecast, certainly going to like today and tomorrow. mid-70s today. 80ish on friday. cooler on saturday with a spotty shower and cooler on sunday in the 50s.
6:48 am
nice start to next week. traffic time. >> thank you. we are just 12 minutes from the 7:00 hour. check it out. a traffic alert, 270 southbound. this is the ramp coming from germantown to access 270. completely blocked because of a disabled vehicle. as far as your delays are concerned, we are slowing down from father hurley to montross and looks like we can maybe squeeze by to the right. on the inner loop, look out there. two delays to tell you about. first from braddock road to 6. and another from the toll road to the american legion. it is off to the shoulder. 395, slow from the beltway to seminary. right now okay approaching the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. in dc, also tracking inbound new york avenue. delay from the times building to here at bladensburg road. drivers are stopped at a light and here's a check on the trains. metro, vre and marc are in the grown and telling us they are
6:49 am
on time. back to you. a pair of commuter alerts for you. the first is for all of you night time drivers. vdot will shift the little river turnpike on to the beltway tonight. it is part of the hot lanes project. the work begins 9:30 this evening and will be done by 5:00 tomorrow morning. between those times be on the lookout for construction workers, detour signs and delays. this weekend delays on four of metro's four of five lines. the biggest on the orange and blue lines adding 40 minutes between foggy bottom, courthouse and arlington cemetery because of rail work at the rosslyn station. it will begin on friday night and go through sunday. the same time frame prosecutor delays on the red line, add 30 minutes between medical center and friendship heights because of rail work. green line travelers should pack on 20 minutes. those delays will go from 7 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on saturday and sunday.
6:50 am
in sports the capitals if quest for the cup begins tonight. they host the canadiens at verizon center. the puck drops at 7:30. the wizards season came to an end last night on a good note. jackson hit a three pointer with 90 seconds left to give dc the lead. wizards beat the pacers 98-97. a slug fest last night between the nationals and phillies. neither starting pitcher made it out of the 2ndinning. nats lose 14-7. this series wraps up this afternoon. our time is 50. 45 degrees here in northwest washington. the chesapeake's blue crab population is on the way up. in three minutes what else we will learn about the bay's health today. and then in nine minutes it is the "early show." i'm maggie rodriguez. hey, tax procrastinators, today is the big day. in case you don't make the
6:51 am
deadline we have advice for your next tax year. and new information on how your weight can affect your risk of getting breast cancer. the focus on health watch is coming up on the "early show." wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes. it's delicious. delicious. i know.
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but it can't have... can't have about half a day's worth of fiber? i assure you it does. i was expecting... expecting sawdust and cardboard? i know. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. ok. i'll take a box, but you probably already knew that. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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two georgetown employees suffered minor burns after a fire this morning. it happened on in the new north building. no word on what started the fire. the tea party movement will hold a tax day rally with an eye on the white house. it follows a rally of 8,000 people in boston yesterday today's rally is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. maryland's congressional delegation gets an update on the chesapeake restoration today. it is a day after governor o'malley announced the blue crab population is at the highest level in ten years. howard? >> we have a chilly start this morning and even some 30s out there but a great afternoon. we will warm to the 70s and
6:55 am
even warmer tomorrow. angie will have a look at traffic and i will have a the seven-day forecast when 9 news now returns. mary! hey!
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wow, you look great! thanks! it's this new wish yourself thin program. i just wish it and it happens. it's probably those fiber one bars you're eating. i know they help me stick to my diet. the bars are 90 calories and the fiber helps you feel full. 90 calories and high fiber. so that's why this diet thing is working.
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but it's weird because my wish for lorenzo came true. [ male announcer ] new fiber one 90 calorie bars. hungry no. results yes. a ringing of the bells marked the anniversary of think sinking "titanic." it went down on this date in 1912 and every year since ' 7 t the minutes "titanic" society holds a midnight toast at the memorial in southwest. if you have never seen it, it is along p street by ft. mcnair. 270 heading southbound. looks like we have a disabled vehicle on the ramp coming from germantown. it is blocking the lanes but as
6:59 am
you can see we are squeezing by slowly on the right. 495 in virginia, your delay is from braddock road 66 and the toll road to the american legion bridge because of an accident. and we have a paving project alert for you. starting at 9:00 a.m. this morning 14th street between irving and kenyan will be blocked. they will down size it to a single lane for traffic to flow in both directions. in 15, in maryland you will hear the tornado sirens perhaps perhaps. the statewide tornado drill the first ever occurring in maryland. 80 tomorrow, could see a shower in the afternoon. cooler arab moves through on sunday in the upper 50s, get rid of some pollen. and what's is next for the dow now that is t is back above 11,000. >> get news, weather and traffic always at >> see you tomorrow at will


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